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Author Topic: New 48.14 firmware version for 600 series receivers  (Read 1530 times)


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New 48.14 firmware version for 600 series receivers
« on: July 14, 2015, 02:09 pm »
A new 48.14 firmware version is now being rolled out on all 600 series receivers which brings new and enhanced features.

Improvements for all 600 series receivers include:
  • Screensaver featuring helpful tips and info
  • Keyword search filters for quicker results
  • List view within VOD makes browsing easier.
  • Updated highlight graphics with program coloring.
Channel list customizations have been moved to PREFERENCES.  Channels removed from the list can now be accessed directly by entering the channel number, but won't show in the Guide.  To lock access, use the options available in PERMISSIONS.

Improvements for HDPVR 630 receivers include:
  • More flexible defaults when creating new recording requests.
  • Recording conflicts can be managed from the PVR UPCOMING menu.
  • Incomplete episodes will now be automatically rescheduled.
  • Ability to add time to in-progress recordings, in case they run long.
  • Playback progress is indicated with a triangle in the PVR list.
Al of your settings and content have been retained, with the exception of any specific channel locks.  For more details on this update, please visit
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