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Title: FAQ: Available channels
Post by: DrSat on November 06, 2013, 10:45 am
How many FTA satellite channels can I receive?
On Ku band, there are currently over 290 channels available with approximately 85 in English as listed at http://kuband.FTA.channels.drsat.ca (http://kuband.FTA.channels.drsat.ca)

C band currently provides an additional 440 channels with 140 of these in English as listed at http://cband.FTA.channels.drsat.ca (http://cband.FTA.channels.drsat.ca)

Please note that on a fixed dish with a single LNBF, you may only receive a single satellite of your choice. You may also install multiple LNBF's using custom brackets to receive satellites within a 30 degree radius with each LNBF spaced at least 4 degrees out. However, we strongly recommend motorizing your satellite dish in order to receive all available satellites.
Not all satellites may be available in certain areas due to location, obstacles or dish physical limitations.