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Title: RTS Serbia transponder change
Post by: DrSat on January 09, 2018, 08:49 pm
Serbia's national broadcaster, RTS Satelit, has just switched the transponder being used for their Free To Air channel located on the Galaxy 19 satellite. This means that in order to continue receiving RTS Satelit, you will need to rescan the new transponder being used. The existing "RTS Sat" channel on your list will also have to be deleted in order to avoid any tuning issues.
 Please note that the existing 11867 transponder is no longer being used by RTS Satelit so you must rescan your FTA satellite receiver using the following tuning parameters:

 Satellite: Galaxy 19 @ 97 degrees West
 Transponder: 12060 MHz
 Polarity: Horizontal
 Symbol rate: 22000
 Modulation: DVB-S MPEG4
 If you have any questions or would like to book a service appointment, please feel free to contact us. (https://www.drsat.ca/contact.cfm)

 Uzmite u obzir da parametri prijem za RTS Satelit na području Sjeverne Amerike (SAD i Kanada) sada mijenja se i glasi:

 Satelit: Galaxy 19 @ 97W (isto kao prije)
 Frekvencija: 12060 MHz.
 Polaritet: Horizontal
 Učestalost simbola: 22000
 Format: DVB-S MPEG-4